Here on Science Sauce you’ll find a 9-mark essay task for each chapter, reflective of the Paper 2 Section B essay questions. You’ll find the resources at the bottom of each chapter page (go to the home page and select a chapter).


Each essay has a PDF version (for printing) and a Google Docs version (to set as an assignment on Google Classroom).

Clicking on a Google Docs essay link will lead you to a view-only version. Simply make a copy to your own drive then share it on Google Classroom.


In paper 2 there are two 9-mark questions that are marked using markbands. You can find these markbands in the subject guide and there is also a version here on Science Sauce. If you see the assignments on Google Classroom you might find it easier to use the Google Classroom rubric.

Science Sauce markbands sheet

Google Classroom markbands rubric