8.1 Human Population Dynamics

The global human population has increased significantly in recent years. The population is increasing more in some countries than others, and is decreasing in some countries. A range of factors influence population dynamics in different nations.

The carrying capacity of our planet for humans is unknown; it is argued by some that we have exceeded our capacity and the numbers will eventually “die back”, while an alternative viewpoint is that advancements in technology will continue to raise our capacity, allowing the population to continue to grow.


1Demographic tools for quantifying population dynamics
2Global population: Malthus and Boserup
3Demographic transition model and age/sex pyramids
4Factors affecting population dynamics
Chapter Workbook
Vocabulary Sheet

  • Use secondary data and construct a model (using spreadsheet software) to predict the future demographics of one or more nations.

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Essay Task

“Discuss the impacts that culture, history, religion and politics have on human population dynamics.” [9 marks]

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