6.4 Acid Deposition

Atmospheric pollutants can react to produce acidic material that can be deposited on land/in water. “Acid rain” is a relatively well known phrase, though dry deposition of ash and other particles is also possible, hence the more broad term “acid deposition” being used.

Acid deposition can have a range of negative impacts on ecosystems. The source of pollutants of this type may be in a different location, possibly a different nation, to the place in which the impact is observed, making management strategies more complicated as they may require international cooperation.


1Acid deposition pollutants
2The impacts of acid deposition
3Pollution management strategies for acid deposition
Evaluation mind map
4The role of international agreements on acid deposition
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“Describe and compare ecocentric, anthropocentric and technocentric attitudes to tackling acid deposition.” [9 marks]

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