2.2 – Communities and Ecosystems

Food chains, food webs and ecological pyramids are models to show feeding relationships in ecosystems. Interactions between organisms and their environment results in transfers and transformations of energy and matter.


1Respiration and photosynthesis
2Food chains, food webs and feeding relationships
3Ecological pyramids
4Productivity pyramids and limitations to food chain length
5Bioaccumulation and biomagnification
Chapter Workbook
Vocabulary Sheet

  • Construct/modify a feeding relationship model using given data e.g. Using the Lotka-Volterra equations (information and model here).

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Essay Task

“DDT can accumulate through the food chain in increasing concentrations as a consequence of biomagnification. Compare the attitudes that an ecocentrist and an anthropocentrist may have on the use of DDT.” [9 marks]

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